12BET India: 4 Seasons Slot Game Review and 12BET’s Featured Games

12BET India: 4 Seasons Slot Game Review and 12BET’s Featured Games

Do you like games with a taste of Chinese mythology, or are you fascinated with Chinese Zodiac? If yes, then 4 Seasons is the best slot for you. It was recently developed by 12Amber, the long known topnotch supplier of aesthetic and world-class slot games. With its incredible 3D imagery and captivating graphics and audio, you will have a different kind of online casino experience that you will definitely enjoy. It’s easy to play and win when you try this now! This game is available at 12BET Casino and since you are our valued player, we will double your winnings in this new promotion that was made only for you. Join us now!

How to play:

Seasonal wheel feature is connected with the wheel located in the bottom left hand side from the reels. Every 30th spin you make the wheel will turn and stop on a different animal. The golden animal pays x10, the animal directly to the left and right are silver and they pay x5, whereas animals left and right form the silver one, will pay x2.

4 Seasons Slot

One of the best assets of this game is its gorgeous landscape and naturalistic background featuring 12 Chinese Zodiac animals with cute enlarged eyes and smiling avatar. Every 90 spins the background of the entire game changes and if you play long enough, you will experience all four seasons together with all 12 Zodiac animals. Meanwhile, it has the common interface highlighted with bet option, auto play and max pay, but the most interesting part is the presence of “user first” mentality where there’s unlimited bonus features to increase the winning of the player. The game is not just a full of display game, but also designed to assure satisfaction and reward to players as well since the developers goal is for customers walk away a winner.


It is hard to believe that the slot with so many bonus features has one more bonus that can increase your online casino winnings. One is the Golden Cat which is Wild for any symbol except for scatter. It is a jackpot trigger where players can earn an incredible 10,000 coins and up to $50,000. There is also Stacked Animals or Block Win Combo Bonus where 12 animals, 5 reels and 30 lines, and the chances are some animals would be stacked from time to time generating a generous winning because every winning line that goes to a solid vertical block across at least two reels will be multiplied depending on the size of the block.

Another thing is if a line pay goes through 2 separate blocks, both multipliers apply together and in addition to Season Wheel multipliers. There is also a Double Up feature where a new window will open for a standard Heads or Tails game and a happy guess will double the win. Free spins are also available when you see a Ying Yang symbol triggered by scatters. Pretty exciting bonuses that generates a lot of winnings!

Hit or Miss:

4 seasons is very creative and innovative in terms of visual representation and game play features. The number of multipliers is excellent and the chances of winning are commendable. The cute avatar and animated characters are not just for display. Every little character and change in the background has a purpose of giving away winnings to the player. A game for all season indeed! This money generator slot game is available at 12BET India! Visit us today and enjoy cashback rewards like no other. Plus! 200 extra free spins to win huge in 12BET Featured Games! You’re lucky because this one is one of the featured games now.

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