12BET India: Max Quest slot game review

Max Quest slot game review

12Amber has launched a unique online slot game that takes players to whole new adventure. This RNG-based slot offers interactive shooting experience and cash-generating features. The story of this action-adventure slot game is about 5 explorers/adventurers lead by eminent archaeologist Professor Finnley Ogarian. They entered a realm of the ancient sun god that has ‘lain undisturbed for millennia’. This slot game doesn’t look like the traditional slot machine with reels and paylines.

How to play:  

The game begins by going into a pyramid to choose characters that will represent you. Just like other interactive games, you have the option to create your own character by choosing a face and giving a name. After this, you will enter the pyramid with up to 6 players fighting the hordes of mummies at the same time. There is a common fund for this multiplayer environment, 2% of the wager will go to this common fund.

Note that the top cash prize up that a player can get on a single spin is 5,000 coins ($100,000) while the RTP (average return to player percentage) is a respectable 96%. After buying ammos, at your preferred value, you have the option to select a room that is sorted by the cost of each bullet. The goal is to shoot as many enemies as you can and the rewards vary depending on the hit.

Max Quest Slot

Each enemy offers multiple cash prizes. Find the Risen Fire Mummy to earn the highest prize of 5000x, while the small bugs running around will pay 2x to 50x. Destroy the Risen Fire Scarab when the max wager is activated and you may get 2,000 coins.

Eliminating the enemy will reward you a treasure or a special weapon that you can use and that will advance your weaponry. Players are given different quests, ranging from 1 star to 5 stars, where they search for hidden treasures, as they defeat more enemies they’ll gain more experience points.

As you progress through the rooms and quests, you may face more terrifying and stronger enemies. However, once you collected a predefined number of treasures, the winners will unlock Player Achievements that can also contribute to greater Group Collections and grant more experience points (XP).


There a God Events at the end of each round, wherein enemies will disappear from your screen and a random Pharaoh God will join. In that room, you have to defeat that random Pharaoh God, and if you successfully do that, then cash prizes are offered along with a collectible treasure. Being in a multiplayer setup, your prizes will be based on how well you participated in the team. The better you are, the more prizes you earn!

Hit or Miss: 

This is by far the best game developed by 12Amber and by far the most unique slot game out online. Its interactive features, as well as the generous prizes make it even more special. The concept and graphics is superb and the bonus feature generates generous rewards. Stay at home and enjoy this unique slot game. It’s available here at 12BET! Visit us to know more details on how to double your winnings with our latest promotion.