Venture the Popular Three Card Rummy by Bet Soft Gaming

three card rummy

three card rummy

Game Review: Three Card Rummy (12Amber)

Take a look and give it a try by playing the classic Three Card Rummy, a very popular card game in India that makes this a must try for our Indian Members. This table game was developed by the famous Bet soft Gaming platforms to give you an exciting casino experience. It’s certainly worth giving a try! Three Card Rummy offers interesting gameplay and fairly good odds to the customers. Try it and win as much as you can.


Three Card Rummy has very simple rules on describing the gameplay step by step. This game is being played with a standard 52-card deck and every card has a point value. The main object of this game is to have a lower point total than the dealer in order for you to win. To begin, players need to put up an amount/stake or what they called the “ante bet”. Side bet is optional. The players and dealer are both going to receive three cards on hand. Player can see their card on hand and figure out the score while dealer’s card is being face down. If the player loses, he loses both bets. If he wins, ante is paid 1:1, while raise is calculated according to the score: 0 points will receive 4:1, 1-5 points could get 2:1 and over 6 points will be 1:1.


Three Card Rummy is one of the most popular 3-Card game variants that are being offered and played in both live and online casinos around the world. It features face cards like jacks, queen and kings that are equivalent to 10. Aces cards count as 1 point while numbered cards are worth their number.

Bonus Round

As it was mentioned above, it is possible to place a side bet in Three Card Rummy. Players may also place a bonus bet. If the player made the bonus bet, that will pay out if their hand is worth 12 points or less.

Hit or Miss

It’s time to explore this game and try your luck by playing Three Card Rummy at 12BET.COM

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