Football Star 243 Ways to Win

Football Club Slot Game

Can‘t get enough of football mania, this might be the right casino slot game that you must place your wager with. Everyone wants an easy win, and with Football Star get ready for over 243 ways to double or times five your bet. Try this popular game on 12Topaz club now!

How it works?

Simply select the amount of bet then try your luck and keep your faith that you will be able to make the right combination on this game. Win up to 525,000 or up to 60 free spins. Everything is possible through the rolling reels, but wait there’s more, consecutive wins can create 10x the multipliers that you should dare to expect. Great cash out surely waits for the lucky players who will dare to try their luck on this slot.


This casino slot game is inspired by the most in demand sports around the globe which is football. It is made possible by Microgaming as they want to provide the best of online casino playing at its finest. A lot of soccer fans around the globe are clamoring about it because of the elements that are present on this game. From the players, referee, the soccer ball, net, shoes, etc. you will never had a second thought of trying it and winning big.


Over 40 wilds symbols are out on the reels to boost your winnings. If you are lucky enough to have striking wild features on the slot then a guarantee win will be the granted.

Hit or Miss?

As simple as that and lucrative payouts is ready to be grab. Take a spin on 12Topaz club, Football Star to make your betting more rewarding. 12BET a well establish brand only wants the best for every new and existing members that we have. And with the additional room that we have you will never have a hard time on choosing which games to try.

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