12BET India Baccarat by Super Spade

12BET India Baccarat by Super Spade

For all betting players and for players just want to have fun that loves to play with the game of chance or luck, Super Spade presents you the famous casino game Baccarat!

This thrilling card game would definitely be your go-to game once you discover the excitement and familiarize yourself how easy to play and win with a low house edge, especially being together with live dealers for you to interact!

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The main objective to win in Baccarat is to obtain 2-3 cards whose sum is nine, or as close to nine as possible, in order to beat the other hand and win the round to receive the payout.

There are two hands to choose, either the Banker’s hand and the Player’s hand.

Player bets pay 1:1.
Banker bets pay 19:20.

Players can also choose to bet that the game will end in a tie, offering an 8:1 payout.

Player’s pair and Banker’s pair are also available side bets, with an 11:1 payout.

Once all players have placed their bet, the game starts and both player and the dealer will receive a hand of 2 cards.

The value of cards for Baccarat:

● Cards from 2 to 9 are taken at face value
● 10 cards and picture cards (Jack, Queen, King) are considered as zero
● All aces are equal to 1

Hands that would total as 8 or 9 is considered as the strongest hand or labeled as a natural hand, it is considered as the winning hand unless the other hand stands also as a natural hand, declaring the round to have a tie. Upon this, players that have placed their bets on Banker or Player would be returned.

If both hands fail to hold a natural hand, they can receive a third card depending on the situation.

Table minimum is at $25, while maximum is at $125.

Try it out at 12BET India now and best of luck out there as you witness an incredible Baccarat experience!

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