Long Live the City of London


London, United Kingdom has been everyone’s dream destination especially if you didn’t grow up in the land of royals. It’s the capital of and the largest city in England and the United Kingdom consisting of more than a hundred incredible landscapes, rich historical roots and oldest architectural establishments. It is also home to the finest, most authentic French and Spanish cuisines and art’s gifts to mankind. Here you can find more than attractions, but a different kind of travel in time as the city offer both historical and contemporary experience. You don’t deserve to wait for long to visit the heart-pounding city of London because as the most valued 12BET VIP member, we present to you 12Stars! It is a one of a kind treat only to give you the best of the best experience since we put importance to your trust and make every single pledge all worth it. Be one with the royals now!

This is indeed exciting news to all our valued patrons, but you may hold your horses for now because bringing you there is not just our goal, we want you to make the most out of the London experience that’s why we are giving you more! Part of this promotion, we make sure that you will have a fantastic time in your chosen destination and as you picked London, we assure you that you will only bring home memories that will last. Experience the royal kind of treatment as we tour you around for free with no restrictions! Yes! All tours will be on us, so you can visit London’s most talked about attractions including the London Eye, Kind Cross Station and Hyde Park.

Since you are now hooked, let me tell you more of what’s inside your London package. Aside from you, we will also grant one travel companion to be with you in this trip. You heard it right! You will not travel there alone because we will also take care of your travel buddy just like how we take care of you. You and your travel companion can access a luxurious 5star hotel accommodation and services at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel, one of the most expensive hotels in the city. Take a selfie or a photo with some of London’s famous architectural sites including Westminster Abbey and Hampton Court then send it to us, so you can get extra travel fund. Imagine that, we will give you more than what you asked you by just sending us your best travel photos. We also want only your convenience, so we wll cover all airport pick-ups and drop-points.

Make a wish about London trip and we will grant if you earn stars. All you need to do is as easy as: 1. deposit and place bets; 2. earn star points and be a VIP member; and 3 redeem your 12Star points and choose London as your destination. Just remember that 12Stars must be used within the redeem promo period. For more details of this promo, see here. We are excited to bring you to your dream vacation. Start earning points now because London is waiting for you!

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