Money Raking Welcome Bonus And Cashback Up For Grab In 12RRuby!

Money Raking Welcome Bonus And Cashback Up For Grab In 12RRuby!

12Ruby Club Exclusive Offers

Aside from the real casino gaming experience brought by 12Ruby, the club also offers two money-raking bonuses that every casino lover should avail!

100% Welcome Bonus
Players in India can get a 100% bonus up to INR 2,880 when they register, make their first deposit and play. This is one of the best promotions that each and every rookie player should take advantage of.

Why you should get it?
Welcome bonuses deliver benefits that can be summed up into several points:

  • Automatic fund – if you are a player with limited funds but want to enjoy the games immediately, you can get that extra dough from the welcome bonus. Here, you will immediately double the credit of your casino wallet without really exerting too much effort
  • Higher winning possibilities – having more funds means you can explore more betting options and games. You do not have to limit your gaming appetite because you do not have enough cash. Avail this bonus and get ready to play hard

0.4% Unlimited cashback
Cashback is also another source of extra cash that you can avail in 12Ruby. Here, you do not have to worry if you win or lose in you the games that you played before. Regardless of the result, you will always get a 0.4% cashback up to INR 192!

Why you should get it?
You should avail cashbacks due to the following:

  • More enjoyable gaming experience – as mentioned, you do not need to worry about the results of your previous casino games if you are availing the cashback promo. When you do not worry about these things, you get to enjoy the games even more
  • You do not lose everything – with this promo, you do not give everything you have to the house. The cashback ensures that a part of your wager is returned.

Are you ready to have a bigger casino wallet? Dive in to 12BET Ruby and have yourself a dose of its wonderful welcome bonus and cashback!

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