12Bet and the Joys of Cricket Betting

12Bet and the Joys of Cricket Betting

Watching cricket has long been accused in India as a national waste time. 12bet (www.12bet.com) is going to change it all with its new cricket betting platform. You can actually make money by placing cricket bets and winning them. Now, after all, all those hours of watching cricket are not going to go ashtray.

A new season beckons

A new cricket season is upon us. India are playing in West Indies. Pakistan have already begun their England tour with a hard-earned victory at Lord’s. Australia are visiting Sri Lanka, while Zimbabwe are going to host New Zealand.  There will be distractions of the Rio Olympics and European football leagues. But the next few months are going to be a feast for cricket lovers.

Why don’t you try out cricket betting with 12bet?

Betting on cricket?

Yes. Betting cricket. There have been many instances of betting in cricket.

The most famous cricket bet must be the one Australian fast bowler Dennis Lille and wicket keeper Rodney Marsh wagered in the summer of 1981 at Headingly during the Ashes. England, forced to follow on, were clearly losing. An England win had the odds of 500-1. Lille and Marsh put their money on an English win, may be as a whimsical move. But Ian Botham and Bob Willis produced the performance of their lives to fetch a miraculous victory for England. Lille and Marsh were inconsolable, despite winning the bet. It must be the only occasion when somebody was so sad after securing the wager of 500-1.

There have been many notorious betting incidents in cricket as well. But all of them involved illegal betting activities and instances of influencing the players. You do not have to do any illegal activity. You can perfectly engage in legal cricket betting with 12bet.

It will be like the bets placed other sports: football, tennis or horse-raiding. Why should cricket fans be denied that opportunity?

Interested? Watch this space regularly. We will have more on cricket betting @12bet.

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