12BET World Cup of Pool 2017 Schedule

12bet world cup of pool schedule

12bet world cup of pool schedule

As the 12BET World Cup of Pool 2017 comes to a close with just only two weeks to go, we want to provide you the official schedule of matches this upcoming big event at the York Hall, East London on June 23-18.

World Cup of Pool will feature six matches per day. The game will have three in the afternoon and three in the evening. The tournament will be played two sessions per day with single elimination format over six days where all the first and second matches will be race to eight tracks.

In total, there will be 31 matches that will be participated by 32 two-player from around the world and will carry $250,000 prize fund including $60,000 for the winner.

Moving forward, 12BET will be the title sponsor for this exciting event.




June 13 (Tuesday) afternoon 12:30(BST)

Germany (14) v South Africa
Russia (15) v Malaysia
Canada (8) v Australia

June 13 (Tuesday) evening 18:30(BST)

Spain (12) v Romania
Scotland (7) v New Zealand
England A (4) v India

June 14 (Wednesday) afternoon 12:30(BST)

Poland (16) v Greece
Finland (13) v Norway
Chinese Taipei (1) v Kuwait

June 14 (Wednesday) evening 18:30(BST)

Japan (9) v Thailand
Philippines (11) v Qatar
England B (10) v Indonesia

June 15 (Thursday) afternoon 12:30(BST)

China (3) v Portugal
Holland (6) v Hong Kong
Austria (2) v Sweden

June 15 (Thursday) evening 18:30 (BST) – First Round Matches & Second Round Matches

USA (5) v Singapore
Japan / Thailand v Canada / Australia
Finland / Norway v England A / India


June 16 (Friday) afternoon 12:30 (BST)

Chinese Taipei / Kuwait v Poland / Greece
China / Portugal v Germany / South Africa
Russia / Malaysia v Austria / Sweden

June 16 (Friday) evening 18:30 (BST)

Philippines / Qatar v Holland / Hong Kong
Scotland / New Zealand v England B / Indonesia
USA / Singapore v Spain / Romania

June 17 (afternoon) 13:30 (BST)
Quarter-Final 1
Quarter-Final 2

June 17 (evening) 18:30 (BST)
Quarter-Final 3
Quarter-Final 4

June 18 (afternoon) 13:30 (BST)
Semi-Final 1
Semi-Final 2

June 18 (evening) 18:30 (BST)
The Final

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