(2015-2016) La Liga Predictions: Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad

Real Madrid vs. Real Sociedad

Match Date: 30 December 2015 (local time)
Venue: Santiago Bernabeu

Team Analysis

Real Madrid

Despite clinching a 10-2 win against Rayo Vallecano, the Los Blancos still cannot feel the love from its roster of supporters. Cristiano Ronaldo, in particular cannot help but express his disappointment over the jeers and taunts of their very own crowd.

Real Madrid (temporarily) fell out of the title race after experiencing a series of unfortunate events in its last six matches. Currently, they occupy the 3rd spot of the league table and trails Barcelona and Atletico Madrid by two points.

Although the fight is still far from over and that the team remains pretty much capable of lifting the silverware, they aren’t safe from the ire of its discontented fans whose dissatisfaction stems from the fact that Real Madrid could only beat weaker squads. Such sentiment is believed to be the reason behind the whistles and boos heard during their encounter against Rayo Vallecano.

As for its head honcho, Rafael Benitez, he shared that while he is pleased with the result, they need to do better. Benitez was referring to the goals that Real Madrid conceded during the said match.

Real Sociedad

La Real has managed to veer away from the relegation zone after beating the strong Eibar and forcing Getafe to settle for an even steven finish, Unfortunately, that very squad failed to maintain its momentum, which resulted to a disappointing loss to Villarreal.

Nevertheless, this did not prevent its newly appointed manager, Eusebio Sacristan from expressing his joy over the result. After all, Villarreal is one of the strongest forces that they have to reckon with. However, Sacristan shared that the team still has a lot of things to improve.


Certainly, this one goes to Real Madrid. La Real has only beaten the Madridistas once in its last six matches and considering how the Los Blancos are being grilled, it will be definitely hard to bring them down.
The biggest question, however, is how well will the fans take the win?

Real Madrid 5-0 Real Sociedad

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