2016-2017 Bundesliga Match Prediction: Wolfsburg vs. Hoffenheim

Wolfsburg vs. Hoffenheim

Match Prediction: Volkswagen Arena

Match Date: 12 February 2017


12BET (Football Tips) Wolfsburg finally escape the relegation zone but continuing their poor performance might bring them back to the unwanted place again. A tough match will determine their fate as Hoffenheim tries to outclass them right at the Volkswagen Arena.


Head to Head Matches

17/09/2016      Hoffenheim 0:0 Wolfsburg

12/03/2016      Hoffenheim 1:0 Wolfsburg

17/10/2015      Wolfsburg 4:2 Hoffenheim

07/02/2015      Wolfsburg 3:0 Hoffenheim

13/09/2014      Hoffenheim 1:1 Wolfsburg

02/03/2014      Hoffenheim 6:2 Wolfsburg


Team Analysis


The struggle is real for the Wolves as their consistent play have come to an end. Failure to sustain a magnificent run has brought them into a devastating back to back loss.

Wolfsburg boss Valerien Ismael needs to create a tactical play in this match-up if he doesn’t want to see his men fall down and face another defeat. Strengthening their defense and showing a good counter-attack can help them stop their contenders in creating a play.


Frustration hits Hoffenheim after a defeat over the newcomers two weeks ago. A worthy win came as they show no mercy to Mainz 05 ending it into a 4-0 clean sheet run afterwards. With the desire to keep their hope on bigger European tournament next season comes the danger for the hosts to suffer a loss.


Keeping an eye on the net has been a problem for Wolfsburg this season which isn’t good as Hoffenheim will try to keep the possession of the ball.

Wolfsburg 2.43

Score: 1-0



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