2016-2017 Premier League Match Prediction: Burnley vs. Leicester

Burnley vs Leicester

Match Venue: Turf Moor

Match Date: 1 February 2017


12BET (Football Tips) The current champions are in badly needed for a win here as they locked horns against Burnley.


Head to Head Matches

17/09/2016      Leicester 3:0 Burnley

25/04/2015      Burnley 0:1 Leicester

04/10/2014      Leicester 2:2 Burnley

29/03/2014      Burnley 0:2 Leicester

14/12/2013      Leicester 1:1 Burnley

29/12/2012      Burnley 0:1 Leicester


Team Analysis


Home turf advantage will give Burnley the confidence to face their contenders as they try to create a comeback fresh from a win against Bristol City. Their win on the said rally can somehow ease the frustration that they’ve got from a defeat over Arsenal.

Sean Dyche men were having a better game result compared to their rival. Motivation and confidence will help them surpass the heat of their visitors.


This has been a poor season for the Foxes as they will surely bid their goodbye on UEFA next season. They were lucky to run away with a stalemate result over Derby but it wasn’t enough to impress the crowd.

Their magnificent play on the international competitions must be brought in this rally for them to atleast finish it on top 10.


With the intimidating record that Burnley holds at home comes a low chance for Leicester to be proclaimed as victors in the end.

Burnley 2.92

Score: 2-0

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