2016-2017 Premier League Match Prediction: Liverpool vs. Chelsea

Liverpool vs. Chelsea

Match Venue: Anfield

Match Date: 1 February 2017


12BET (Football Tips) Both clubs holds a great record, but with Chelsea’s spectacular performance as they dominate in the competition comes the fear for Liverpool to kiss their dream away for UEFA Champions League next season.


Head to Head Matches

16/09/2016      Chelsea 1:2 Liverpool

28/017/2016    Chelsea 1:0 Liverpool

11/05/2016      Liverpool 1:1 Chelsea

31/10/2015      Chelsea 1:3 Liverpool

10/05/2015      Chelsea 1:1 Liverpool

27/01/2015      Chelsea 1:0 Liverpool


Team Analysis


Jurgen Klopp’s men gets to outshine the front runner on their first meet-up but this won’t guarantee them a win considering their shocking defeat against Swansea. Audience can never set aside the efforts that Roberto Firmino showcased on the said rally, making him the man of the match with a back to back goal on the second.

Poor form on the first half has led them to a defeat. Their other domestic campaigns have also led into a back to back loss against Southampton on EFL Cup and Wolverhampton Wanderers on the FA Cup. This is not a good sign if they want to enter a bigger tournament next year.

Liverpool needs to find their motivation back and should be desperate enough to win this rally as they try to hold on to their current league standing in Premier League.


Chelsea’s reign continue, as they remained to be on top and the favorite to win the title this year. Le Blues are now winning it full time in the local scene as they were proclaimed victors four time in a row. Three of which are clean sheet match wherein they show no mercy to their challengers.

Willian and Pedro continuously add more points for Antonio Conte’s club. Diego Costa remains to be the top contributor of goals. With these men on the visitors side comes a great challenge for the hosts to bounce back in the competition.

There are only few matches left and Chelsea’s goal is to sustain the seven point deficit and to be proclaimed as victors in the end – added the fact that they will surely booked their ticket to the international scene next year.


Chelsea’s defense is the primary reason why they get to finish their past matches with a bang. Being able to bring their intense performance can lead them toward another victory which will serve as revenge after Liverpool outclassed them on their first meet-up.

Meanwhile, the host will surely use their home turf advantage, which can help them to surpass the heat of their contenders.

Liverpool 2.53

Score: 3-1


Photo credit: fullyfootball.com