2016-2017 Premier League Match Prediction: Liverpool vs. Tottenham

Liverpool vs. Tottenham

Match Venue: Anfield

Match Date: 12 February 2017


12BET (Football Tips) Liverpool’s impressive stunt on the start of the competition wasn’t sustained as the club slowly loses it all. Tottenham’s fate is different as they are now a title chaser with a big chance of entering big competitions next season.


Head to Head Matches

25/10/2016      Liverpool 2:1 Tottenham

27/08/2016      Tottenham 1:1 Liverpool

02/04/2016      Liverpool 1:1 Tottenham

17/10/2016      Tottenham 0:0 Liverpool

10/02/2015      Liverpool 3:2 Tottenham

31/08/2014      Tottenham 0:3 Liverpool


Team Analysis


Jurgen Klopp is unhappy with his men’s performance as the team slowly bid their final goodbye on the international scene next year. The Reds are experiencing a drought for a win in all the domestic fights that they are into which is not good as this can create an impact in their overall standing.

The struggle is real for Liverpool as the team continuously lost their motivation. A poor form won’t help them the overcome the heat of their visitors who’s having a fantastic run this year.


A lot where surprised when Mauricio Pochettino’s outclassed the best of teams in the competition. They are now on chase for the title but it will be a real challenge since Chelsea holds a nine point deficit.

The team is currently undefeated on their last six matches, recent one comes from a narrow win over Middlesbrough. Tottenham is having a best season so far which they want to sustain until the season end.


With the impressive stunt that Tottenham showed on their past matches comes the probability for them to win this rally eventhough they are away from home. Consistency will be the key for the visitors to thrashed Liverpool.

Liverpool 2.20

Score: 1-3



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