2016-2017 Premier League Match Prediction: Tottenham Hotspurs vs. Everton

Tottenham vs. Everton

Match Venue: White Hart Lane

Match Date: 5 March 2017


12BET (Football Tips) Everton will be challenge to protect their undefeated run as they visit Tottenham at The Lane this Sunday night.


Head to Head Matches

13/08/2016      Everton 1:1 Tottenham

03/01/2016      Everton 1:1 Tottenham

29/08/2015      Totteenham 0:0 Everton

24/05/2015      Everton 0:1 Tottenham

30/11/2014      Tottenham 2:1 Everton

09/02/2014      Tottenham 1:0 Everton


Team Analysis


Mauricio Pochettino’s men are experiencing a great run on their past three matches in all competition which will provide them the confidence as they welcome their visitors this weekend. Confidence rises for Tottenham as they are on chase for the title this year, which can only happen if they will be able to put up some points before the season ends. A 10-point deficit is what Chelsea holds as of the moment.

Harry Kane is unstoppable in slamming that ball through the net as he continuously impressed the crowd with his hat tricks. His return on the White Hart Lane has provided them the hope to finish it big this year. The 23-year old forward is expected to go head to head against Romelu Lukaku of the opposition side.

Home turf advantage will be beneficial as Hotspurs go for a back to back win in Premier League. Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen are expected to return in this clash.


The weigh can definitely be felt by the Toffees as they try to protect their unbeaten run. Ronald Koeman’s men need to step-up their game in order to run away with a win here. A tough defense will be their edge against the hosts, and they will surely count on Lukaku’s play here.

Everton cannot afford to lose any match at this moment if they really want to climb a better position in the Premier League standing. Keeping up with their good form can help them to match or surpass the heat of their opponent. Confidence will also be a key factor added by the determination to extend their undefeated run.


Fitness concern no more for Tottenham as the injured players return in the field, and with Harry Kane’s great play will be the chance for them to dominate in this match. A draw result is anticipated in this campaign considering the fixture above, but it seems like the host will have a narrow win

Tottenham 1.61

Score: 2-1



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