2016-2017 Spanish La Liga Match Prediction: Villarreal vs. Barcelona

2016-2017 Spanish La Liga Match Prediction: Villarreal vs. Barcelona

Match Venue: El Madrigal
Match Date: 9 January 2017

12BET (Football Tips) Barcelona will welcome 2017 with a challenging battle against Villarreal, in hope of pulling down the three point’s interval that Real Madrid holds.


Head to Head Matches

20/03/2016      Villarreal 2:2 Barcelona

08/11/2015      Barcelona 3:0 Villarreal

04/03/2015      Villarreal 1:3 Barcelona

11/02/2015      Barcelona 3:1 Villarreal

01/02/2015      Barcelona 3:2 Villarreal

31/08/2014      Villarreal 0:1 Barcelona


Team Analysis


The Yellow Submarines were disappointed with the outcome of their first game this year as they didn’t see a loss coming from Real Sociedad in Spanish Copa del Rey. Although they have the stadium advantage, Villarreal will be considered as the underdog in this competition considering the winning record that their visitors have over them.

Fran Escriba’s men are in badly needed for a win here if they want to secure their place for UEFA Champions League next season. They are tied in terms of a point to Real Sociedad who’s currently on fifth, losing this will pull them down their current standing.

The real deal in this match is the fact that the host gets to outclass Atletico Madrid last December with a 3-0 run. They can also do the same if Villarreal will be able to bring up their consistent form in this rally.


Similar to the fate of their rival, Luis Enrique’s men didn’t see their loss coming from Athletic Bilbao last night. The team will be desperate to bounce back, as they use Villarreal as a sacrifice to go for their third consecutive win.

Barcelona had an easy back to back campaign last year as they manage to record seven goals in two matches. Meanwhile, their single goal against Athletic Club came from Lionel Messi. A lot have seen how persistent the Argentine is in contributing points for his club.

The big three of Barca are indeed unstoppable in creating a run, and with their hunger for points comes a great chance for them to capitalize in this rally. Barcelona’s aiming to win the title once again this year, and they can only do it if they’ll be able to win majority of the remaining matches.


Barcelona loss last night will trigger revenge as they travel to El Madrigal this weekend. Expect that there will be a lot of scoring chances that will be made.

Villarreal on the other hand will not provide an easy win for their opponents.

Barcelona 1.55 (this odd might change)

Score: 0-2


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