2016-2017 UEFA Champions League Match Prediction: Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal

Bayern Munich vs. Arsenal

Match Venue: Allianz Arena

Match Date: 16 February 2017


12BET (Football Tips) It was indeed a tough journey for Bayern Munich as they had a challenging rallies on the way to round of 16. Home turf advantage might be within the German giants but will it be enough to surpass the heat that Arsenal will use against them?


Head to Head Matches

04/11/2015      Bayern Munich 5:1 Arsenal

20/10/2015      Arsenal 2:0 Bayern Munich

11/03/2014      Bayern Munich 1:1 Arsenal

19/02/2014      Arsenal 0:2 Bayern Munich

13/03/2013      Bayern Munich 0:2 Arsenal

19/02/2013      Arsenal 1:3 Bayern Munich


Team Analysis

Bayern Munich

It has been an intense season so far for the Bavarians, they almost failed to book their ticket on the next round and they are also being trailed by the newly promoted club of RB Leipzig in German Bundesliga. Their rocky season was so far improved as the team tries to find their motivation back.

A consistent play as they made a comeback owning the top spot in the German tournaments. Robert Lewandowski continuously adds point for Bayern and his name. It is a sure guarantee that the host will count on his unstoppable play together with Thomas Muller and Xabi Alonso.

Carlo Ancelotti’s men will try to repeat what happen on their last meet-up wherein they thrashed their opponents with a 5-1 run.


Speculation continuous for Arsenal and it is good that Arsene Wenger ensures that his men won’t get affected with the negative criticism that they receive. The visitors get to record a good run during the group stage wherein they finish on top hammering Basel with a 4-1 run. Hard work pays-off for the English giants, and all they need to do now is to be consistent in their play.

Although the Gunners are having some difficulties in snatching a win, the team still claimed points on their past matches.

The pressure is currently at its peak as the hosts held a great record against them. Mesut Ozil needs to find his motivation back in order to help Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud in finding the net.


Expect that both teams will snatch a point in this rally, but the poor form of Arsenal recently will be the opportunities for Bayern to have the momentum win in the end.

Bayern Munich 1.46

Score: 2-1


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