2016-2017 UEFA Europa League Match Prediction: Saint-Etienne vs. Manchester United

Saint-Etienne vs. Man UTD

Match Venue: Geoffroy-Guichard

Match Date: 23 February 2017


12BET (Football Tips) There clash last week was indeed intense, it was Manchester United who gets to seal a deal running away with a clean sheet win. This will not be a good situation for Saint-Etienne as this might end their hope of winning the title this year.


Head to Head Matches

16/02/2017      Manchester United 3:0 Saint-Etienne


Team Analysis


It was indeed a heart breaking and humiliating loss for the French squad as they failed to snatch some points on their first meet-up which put them in real danger of ending their journey earlier than expected. Their frustration was carried out on their rally during weekend wherein they allowed Montpellier to be proclaimed as victors in the end.

St. Etienne is in badly needed to score three goals in this match and ensures that their visitors won’t be able to find the net. The club holds a great record at home but will it be enough to stop the persistent team of Jose Mourinho.

This will be a make it or break it situation for the host as their fate in the competition is currently at risk.

Manchester United

Oozing with confidence this is how the Red Devils currently feel after dominating in their first meet-up. Luck is continuously experience by the English club as their good form continues on FA Cup having a narrow win against Blackburn.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is indeed the game-changer for Manchester United as he remains to be unstoppable in hitting the net in every rally that they had – the veteran Swedish footballer have already proved that he is worth the investment. Meanwhile, with the success of Ibrahimovic comes the doubt for Wayne Rooney as he is not that effective anymore.

Great tactical play and a good line-up will give the visitors the edge as they make their way on Geoffroy-Guichard.


Both clubs are expected to find the net in this campaign but it will be Manchester United that will advance on the next leg of the competition. Saint-Etienne really needs to step-up their game and put aside the frustration that they’ve feel after the said loss.

Manchester United 2.19

Score: 1-3



Photo Credit: manutd.com