5 Ways to Verify the Authenticity of Sports Betting Websites in India


There are many sports betting websites that have been launched in India over the last few years. But so are several scams and fraudulent platforms. They take advantage of bettors who want to make money betting on sports events around the world. Even if you’re an experienced sports bettor, it can be challenging to verify the authenticity of sports betting websites. It is essential to verify this before depositing your hard-earned money on them. Use these five methods to help verify  Sports Betting Websites in India. Also,  verify if the sports betting website is safe and reliable in India before depositing your hard-earned money with them!


First, don’t believe everything you read

Every so often, you’ll come across a news piece claiming that sports betting is banned by law in your country—or that it’s not. We’ve all been scammed before, and we’ve seen hundreds of people lose money every year due to fake online betting sites. So what’s real and what’s not? Our first piece of advice is don’t believe everything you read. It can be hard with information coming from authoritative sources, but there are easy ways to verify if an online sports betting site is authentic or not. If you’re new to online sports betting, it makes sense that you’d want trusted sources for all your info. But it’s still important that you do a little digging yourself. Otherwise, you might as well just blindly deposit funds at every website you find.


Second, check their website domains

Check that your betting websites’ domain is registered properly. If it’s not and someone else has acquired it, they might be trying to scam you. If a website’s name isn’t exactly right but sounds legitimate (such as adding an extra ‘s’ at the end), look up their actual address or phone number and call them. When you call them, ask if they are running a special on bets at a specific time, such as during games that night or on holidays when many people tend to bet large amounts of money. If they say yes, then it’s safe. But if they get suspicious or claim not to know what you’re talking about, report them immediately to authorities!


Third, check their licenses and certificates

To verify that a betting website is legal, it’s vital to check their licensing and certification. Every betting business must be authorized by the relevant authorities. This usually means checking for a certificate from an online gaming licensing body such as Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner (GGC) or Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC). These certificates should list your sportsbook as an officially approved entity, give details about its founders and management team, and outline how bets are processed and payouts are issued.


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Fourth, look at their registrations

One of your biggest worries should be where a betting site is registered. The country and location where a sportsbook is established play a big role in its regulation and how it’s required to run. There are two types of betting operators. One is those based in jurisdictions with low or minimal regulation, and those that are properly licensed. If you want to make sure you’re betting with an operator that is legally operating, check on their registration and license status. In many countries, online gambling activity will require some kind of licensing from local authorities.


Fifth, do a reverse image search

Since many fraudsters use other sites as a backdrop for their fake betting sites, you can search images from those websites to see if they’re being used elsewhere. For example, if you see photos on a site about betting on Australian sports and you don’t recall having clicked through any Australian sites yourself, do a reverse image search and check where else those images might have been used. If several people aren’t promoting that same betting service but using different names (different logos, country-specific flags), then chances are good that one of them is trying hard to get your money.


Do read the reviews online

Even a cursory glance at online sportsbooks shows that a lot of Indian bettors get scammed. Always, always read online reviews before you deposit your money. If there are no reviews, or if it seems like all of them are extremely positive, proceed with caution—you’re most likely looking at a scam operation. Some shady betting sites even try to lure customers by using celebrities or cricket teams’ logos as bait; however, they’re often fake profiles designed to fool bettors into thinking they’re on an official site. If you think you’ve found an authentic sportsbook but can’t find reviews for it (or if there aren’t any), do some more digging before signing up and risking your money!


Trust your instincts 

Although a lot of these online betting sites look very professional, don’t be fooled. Most likely, these websites are set up just to con you out of your money and nothing else. According to 12BET, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you aren’t being scammed. Don’t trust any company that asks for money from its customers before they can use their services or products. You should only trust companies that allow new members to try out their products and services for free before they pay a single dime. If a website asks for your credit card information then chances are you are being scammed so stay away from those places.


Wrapping Up

At first glance, you may be overwhelmed by all that’s available to bet on and tempted to deposit your paycheck. Don’t do it. It’s better for you and for everyone if you bet responsibly. That doesn’t mean betting small amounts but it does mean staying within your means and keeping sports betting a fun hobby rather than gambling away your life savings. When choosing a site, make sure it’s an authentic one or run directly by a reputable company. If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything related to gambling online, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love helping our customers stay safe while enjoying all the fun of online sports betting! Have fun! If you are looking forward to signing up with  12BET, please visit us today.