Angry Pakistani Fans Want Misbah And Waqar Sacked; After 3-0 England ODI Series Loss

Pakistan Cricket

Pakistani cricket has seen its ups and downs over the years. The fans have been not liking some of the things that have been going on. While there have been others things that have pleased them at times. Despite that if the team wins, everyone is happy. That seemed to be the case in recent times. However, the England ODI series has changed that completely now. The fans are unhappy and they are making demands now.

Pakistan played some poor live cricket in the series against England. This was where they were expected to do big things. However, they failed to live up to expectations and lost the series 3-0. With that being said, the fans could not help themselves and were very angry. They started expressing this anger and hate on Social Media.

The reason being was the whitewash that took place. The fans were hoping for some sort of a fight at least from their team and players. However, they lost all three matches, fair and square and were just poor in general. One could understand that the heavy schedule of cricket could have had its toll on them but then there is no excuse for losing at the end of the day.

How Did The Third ODI End And Why Did Pakistan End Up Losing Yet Again?

It was a maiden hundred for James Vince, along with a fiery cameo from Lewis Gregory that saw the hosts win yet another match. They wrapped up the series 3-0. This performance from the duo guided them to a stunning 3-wicket win on Tuesday at Edgbaston. Things were just not going well for the visitors, who were given more unpleasant criticism.

They had just lost a game that they should have probably won. The team had crumbled under pressure and had let go of an opportunity to regain some respect. They had the chance to make it 2-1 and end the series with their heads held high. However, they had failed to do so once again and the anger was visible from all ends. This was just unacceptable for a team that had been dominating some of their opponents in recent times.

What Were The Demands Of The Cricket Fans On Social Media And Why?

Over the last few months, the former Pakistani cricketers and Pundits have been hyping up the Pakistani team. Many of them have been suggesting that they are the favourites to win the T20 World Cup. Keeping that in mind, this whitewash would have been really embarrassing for them all.

The fact that the Pakistani team was completely outplayed would have been a huge insult for them. From naming them as favourites due to the conditions in the UAE and Oman, to this heavy defeat. Things couldn’t be more inconsistent in the Pakistani camp. Legends like Ian Bishop also took to Twitter to troll the batting performance.

Further, to add to that, the fans lost their cool as well. They were not pleased at all, with what they had seen. They were demanding more. On the other hand, they were targetting the team management. Many of them wanted Misbah-ul-Haq and Waqar Younis sacked.

Misbah is the current head coach of the Pakistani team. On the other hand, Waqar is the bowling coach. Both these former players are legends. However, the Pakistani fans can be merciless at times. It is the same situation with Indian fans as well. They can just be relentless and be really vocal at times for sure.

What Next For The Pakistani Team; Are They Serious Contenders For The T20 World Cup?

There has been a lot of talk about the Pakistani team being a serious contender for the T20 World Cup. This has been coming from their ex-players and Pundits. They have been suggesting how the conditions of the venue that has been their home turf for the last decade or so, gives them a serious advantage.

Keeping that in mind, this performance would have created serious doubts in the minds of everyone who watched them play. If there is any change in the management of the team, things could surely get more complicated as well. Let’s wait and watch what the news is coming from their camp in the days that follow!!

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