Argentina vs. Colombia: 2018 FIFA World Cup South America Qualifiers Match Prediction

Argentina vs. Colombia

2018 FIFA World Cup South America Qualifiers
Match Venue: Estadio del Bicentenario, San Juan
Match Date: 15 November 2016


12BET (Football Tips) The heaviest loss against Brazil is what will motivate Argentina to create a good rally against Colombia.

Team Analysis


A drought for a win in their last four matches is what the Argentines want to stop, as this won’t help them to have a spot on the much more challenging action in World Cup 2018. More goals will be needed to convert it to more points as Edgardo Bauza men settled on the sixth spot.

A lot were still looking forward for the impressive play that Lionel Messi will create. All the blames of having a goalless rally against Brazil was throw on to the Barcelona star. The time to atleast stop this criticism will only happen if they will beat Colombia which will be a challenge since their rival has a position to protect as the competition progresses.


A devastating draw result is not what the Colombians expect, yet it was somehow a good outcome since they remain to be on the third slot, while Uruguay own the second spot. The national team will be looking forward for more goals this time as they aim to cut down the five point deficit that Uruguayan holds, and add more score as they are only up by one against Ecuador and Chile.

Jose Pekerman will be a having a tight defense as they stop the captain of their opponent from meeting the net.


Unity is what Argentina needs in order to make this game in favor of them since they are having a trouble in winning their rally. The big names on the squad must work as one if they want to shine once again.

The poor record of Colombia against the Argentine will boost their confidence to stop their contender from having an eye on the net. A tactical battle will led to the success of the host.

Argentina 1.55 (This odd might change from time to time)

Score: 1-0


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