Arsenal’s Weak Performance

Arsenal vs. Everton

2015-2016 Premier League Match Prediction

Arsenal vs. Everton
Match Venue: Goodison Park
Match Date: 19 March 2016

Arsenal felt a devastating blow as their winning campaigns suddenly ends, and the struggle to win becomes a big challenge. They have lost several matches from unexpected well performance of their rivals and now that they need to face Everton the squad will try to assure a win and bounce back on the campaign.

Team Analysis


Blame about the not so impressive stunt of Arsenal goal within their manager Arsene Wenger, who was continuously bash by the fans of the said football club due to the losing streak that the his men experience from EPL to UEFA. With the performance that the team have on their previous rumors have spread as to whether their coach do well on managing them. Before the clash against Everton, the team needs to face the strong team of Barca in the second leg of UEFA Champions League – the match will either help or put more devastation to squad for it will be a do or die game on the said competition.

Arsenal cannot afford to lose any of the two games, especially with Everton for it might put them on risk before the season ends. They will need to secure a win this time since their two upcoming matches is more challenging as the go over West Ham and City, which are considered as strong competitor this season.

Fans considered the performance of the Gunners as a farce since they failed to execute well on their campaigns and their successful stunt cannot be sustained. With the issue that the squad undergo into it will be helpful if they will be able to obtain a win on this upcoming rally.


Just like the fate of their upcoming competitor Everton also find it hard to sustain the same intensity that they have on their previous matches which contributed to their lost. Everton have failed to win over the gunners on their three previous matches, and their hungry for a win is present. Their win can help them to bounce back in the competition and to improve their recent rank on the completion.

On this upcoming match the squad wants to ensure that they will have a good match-up just like how they beat Chelsea on their recent match on weekend. The confidence that they have is back and they are surely ready to create revenge as they compete with the struggling team of Arsenal.


Both teams want to ensure that they will keep a good clean sheet and reputation on the game. The bigger challenge is within Arsenal, since they have been wrecked on their recent matches. Football enthusiast expects that they will be able to win this game, though it will really be tough since Everton can also perform well.

The probability of having a draw result is at risk.

Draw 3.10
Score: 2-2


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