Austria vs. Republic of Ireland: 2018 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers

Austria vs. Republic of Ireland

2018 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers
Match Venue: Ernst-Happel Stadion
Match Date: 12 November 2016

12BET (Football Tips) The lack of confidence won’t help Austria to win their campaign against Republic of Ireland. They will need to find their motivation back before the competition start if they don’t want to see themselves being outclassed right at their home field.

Team Analysis


The Austrian might still be hindered with their unimpressive run in Euro 2016, but they will need to move on if they don’t want their upcoming clash to be affected.

A win over Georgia was followed by a draw result against Wales and a devastating loss against Serbia. Getting back to their form is in need if they want to make it on the next leg of the tournament.

They should aim for a win, and at the same time create some point or else their fate will be the same as what happen in France earlier this year.

Republic of Ireland

The Irish fate in Euro 2016 is way different than their rival as they get to advance from group stage after beating Italy with a 1-0 run. Their elimination brought by France had also marked the retirement of Robbie Keane in the international scene, but that didn’t stop them from creating a play.

Ireland gets to settle on a good position this qualifying round and they’ll be eager to continue it. They get to have a successful stunt right at their home soil and away from it.


Failure to fine their motivation will allow the Irish side to dominate in this campaign. The Austrian should keep in mind that Euro 2016 and World Cup Qualifiers are two different tournaments.

Ireland 3.65 (this odd might change from time to time)

Score: 1-1


Photo Credit: BBC

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