Bayern’s Goal of having the 5th Winning Streak over Stuttgart

VfB Stuttgart vs. Bayern Munich

2015-2016 Bundesliga Match Prediction

VfB Stuttgart vs. Bayern Munich
Match Venue: Mercedes-Benz Arena
Match Date: 9 April 2016

The challenge is on as for whether Stuttgart will be able to stop their losing streak over the number one team on the competition, Bayern. Will they be able to change their fate?

Team Analysis

VfB Stuttgart

VfB Stuttgart can conceal a goal but always fails to protect it over their rival leaving them with a draw or lost result. Now that they are about to face the giant on the competition, the challenge is on as to whether they can match the same intensity that their opponent have. Their contender holds a four clean sheet in their matches. Failure to secure a goal over Bayern was always the problem of the squad.

Though bouncing back is hard, Stuttgart still hope that they will be able to redeem themselves back on this upcoming rally. Ensuring a win over the toughest league on the competition can once again boost up the confidence that they’ve lost.

Bayern Munich

Success continuous, as Bayern recent win over Benfica on Champions League can continue on Bundesliga where they are four points away from Dortmund who’s current on the second post. Bayern is holding the title over Stuttgart whom they beat on their six previous matches in the competition. The team is looking forward for their fourth triumphant win.

With the good things that is happening on Bayern, there’s definitely no doubt that they will this season big. Pep Guardiola men are on the mood as they visit Stuttgart this weekend in hope of having another win. Though the squad should never be relax since their rival can also perform well on the competition, and they are hungry for a comeback.


Tough match is expected between the two yet the probability of winning is within Bayern. Stuttgart will try to create as many goal chances as possible but will need to make sure that they will be able to conceal one. The home team must be careful on creating an error which is what the visitors will use for their advantage.


Bayern Munich 1.50

Score: Stuttgart 0-2 Bayern

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Photo Credit: TheGuardian