Champions League: Zenit is up for the Challenge of Beating Benfica

Benfica vs. Zenit

Benfica vs. Zenit St. Petersburg
Match Date: 16 February 2016
Match Venue: Estadio da Luz

An exciting match from two of the most awaited team in Champions League is about to unfold, Benfica go against Zenit tomorrow. Who among these two teams will be able to surpass the heat, and continue a magnificent run?

Team Analysis


Benfica get to out scored all their rivals in the last five games. It was indeed an impressive stunt as the squad ensured to dominate in creating field goals, giving their opponents a hard time to end their good run.

In their recent match against Porto, the squad gets to secure the win leaving their rival with a one point advantage, the match ended with 2-1 score. Hector Herrera and Vincent Aboubakar were considered as the man of the game.

The host has been a two-time defending champions, and now that they are about to have a tough fight against Zenit the biggest question is will they be able to maintain momentum right at their home court?

Zenit St. Petersburg

The visitors is about to face the team who remains to be undefeated on their five matches. The pressure is on Zenit but with the oozing confidence that they have their might a chance for them to snatch a momentous win.

Villas-Boas said that their desire to win is big, and that they have an extensive preparation for their upcoming match against Benfica. He also added that having a draw result is unfair, losing is even more unjust.

Numerous opportunities on creating a goal against their opponent was given yet weren’t enough. This has been the inspiration of Zenit to overcome their upcoming campaign against Benfica.


Draw result is high on this match tomorrow. Benfica has the higher probability of winnings but Zenit has the determination to change their faith and rule on the said campaign.

Both teams will try to create as many goals as possible.

Benfica 0-0 Zenit St. Petersburg


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