Cricket Trivia – August 27th; The Day “The Don” Was Born

Cricket Trivia- August 27th; The Day “The Don” Was Born

On this day, a legend was born in 1908. His name, Donald George Bradman. A player of endless magnificence and class, breaking many records in a single cricket match and overall as well. The idol and ideal of many legends of this generation and perhaps the ones to follow. He went on to become one of the biggest names in cricket, without any doubt.

What Was Sir Don Bradman’s Batting Average?

A legend with a Test batting average of 99.94, says it all. Though he fell short of that perfect figure of batting average (100) on the pitch, his contribution can never be forgotten.

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He nearly repeated that feat in real life, as he pushed for a century there as well. However, he unfortunately passed away at the age of 92 in February 2001.

Did He Actually Hit No Sixes? Not Quite.

A funny stat to add to this, is the fact that he had just hit six 6s in his entire international career. Five of those came against England, while one against India. Further, he also hit a couple of fives and a staggering 618 fours in his illustrious career.

How Many Test Wickets Does “The Don” Have?

Sir Donald Bradman took a couple of wickets in his Test career as well. The first was taken in December, 1930 of a West Indian player, Ivan Barrow. It was his first-ever wicket in a Test match and it came in the second innings of the first Test in Adelaide, LBW for just 27 runs.

The second one came in January, 1933. The wicket was of Walter Hammond, who went back to the pavilion for 85 runs. This was in the spiteful third Test in Adelaide, once again in the second innings of the game.

When Was His First Century?

Sir Don Bradman’s first century was a 115 not out. This was scored by him when he was 12. The young Don Bradman scored it in the 1920-21 season, while playing for Bowral School against Mittagong School. Surely, a child prodigy to start real early and impress the world with his batting.

Sir Don Bradman’s Total Cricket Stats

  • All Matches- 669
  • Not outs- 107
  • Runs- 50,731
  • Highest- 452
  • Average- 90.27
  • Centuries- 211

Current Test Records Still Held By Him Till Date

  • The highest Individual Test Batting Average (for a minimum of 15 innings at least) of 99.94 is still unbeatable.
  • The highest Test Batting Average for a five-Test-match Series 201.50. This was recorded versus South Africa, Australia, 1931-32
  • Maximum triple centuries scored in cricket history (tied with Brian Lara)- 2
  • The highest 5th wicket partnership in a cricket match (with Sid Barnes 1946-47) of 405.
  • The only Test batsman to score more than 5,000 runs versus an opponent in his career. The record stands at 5,028 runs against England.
  • A total of seven occasions, where he scored 500 or more runs in a Test series (Equal with Lara)
  • Six times scored centuries within a single session in a Test match. (once pre-lunch, twice lunch-tea, three times tea-stumps)
  • Scored the maximum number of runs in a single day’s play. The record stands at 309 versus England, Leeds, 1930

Other key players (cricket) to be born today-

  • 1925 Ken Grieves (England)
  • 1946 Tony Howard (West Indies)
  • 1970 Mark Ilott (England)
  • 1970 Dene Hills (Australia)
  • 1974 Michael Mason (New Zealand)
  • 1980 Kate Pulford (New Zealand)

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