Arun Lal Backs Rishabh Pant To Succeed Rohit Sharma As Indian Cricket Team’s Captain

Arun Lal Backs Rishabh Pant

Arun Lal, a former Indian cricket player, thinks that Rishabh Pant should take over as captain after Rohit Sharma. Pant hit a great hundred in the rescheduled Test in England. He took his good form into the One-Day Internationals and scored his first hundred in that format during the series-deciding match against England. His 113-ball, 125*-run knock made it easy for India to reach their goal of 260 and helped his team win the series 2-1.

Rohit is getting close to the end of his international career, but there are a lot of people who could take over as captain, and Pant is one of them. He did lead India against South Africa in a five-game T20I series that ended with a 2-2 tie. Recent performances from the left-hander has had a big effect on India’s results and have left some experts in awe.

Arun Lal backs Rishabh Pant

Arun Lal Backs Rishabh Pant To Succeed Rohit Sharma As Indian Cricket Team’s Captain

Lal said that Rohit’s replacement as captain of India should be Rishabh Pant. He also said that it was important for a captain to be in the top three. He talked about Pant’s ability to deal with stress and said that a good leader does have these skills. He concluded that Pant’s aggressiveness gives him an advantage over other players. He also said that India will do better under Pant’s leadership.

“Yes, without a doubt (On being asked if Rishabh Pant is the future captain after Rohit Sharma). I always think that the captain should be one of the top three players on the team. He (Pant) is a player who doesn’t mind playing his game, can handle pressure well, can get his team out of tough spots, and can be a great leader. It would be good for Indian cricket if the team’s captain was an aggressive player like Pant,” Lal told Jagran TV.

Lal also talked about how Virat Kohli had changed the way people think about Test cricket right now. He said that Kohli’s aggressive attitude can be taken over by Pant and that his consistency will make him a hero.

“There was a time when a draw in Test cricket was enough to be considered a win. But I no longer think this way, and I give all the credit to Virat Kohli. He changed the way the team thought and made them play to win without being afraid to lose. Virat brought that aggressiveness to the team, and if Pant can keep this up, things can’t get any better. Pant will be a hero for the Indian team if he can play and win matches consistently,” he said.