CSA at risk of being dissolved as country’s cricket governing body

CSA at risk of being dissolved as country's cricket governing body

Once again, Cricket South Africa (CSA) faces another crisis following the threats of the country’s sports minister to ban the cricket governing body and invoke the powers available to him, in terms of the National Sports and Recreation Act. This decision will remove the organization as the governing body in that country. For more cricket prediction and odds, visit us at 12BETIndia!

Minister of Sports Nathi Mthethwa says he has “no further option” but to suspend CSA, which will revoke all the legalities of the organization. The powers available to Mthethwa in terms of section 13(5) of the Act give him the right to remove recognition of the federation as the authority on the sport, and to stop providing funding for it. Catch the latest cricket match here.

“Minister Mthethwa has expressed his disappointment at the failure of the CSA delegates to adopt the revised MOI‚” reads Mthethwa’s statement. “The revised MOI that the affiliates decided against adopting‚ constituted an agreement between the CSA Members Council and the Interim Board.” Mthethwa is expected to make a pronouncement on his decision this week.

“Accordingly‚ any failure to ratify such an agreement entered into by a duly authorized Members Council representative can only be interpreted as acting in bad faith,” the statement added. “This turn of events‚ taking place at the back of several missed opportunities by the Members Council‚ has left the Minister with no further option but to exercise his rights in terms of section 13(5) of the Sports Act.

The development comes a day after the CSA members council, which has 14 affiliate presidents, voted against amendments in the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) in a bid to allow restructuring of administration, majority independent board and chairperson. The council failed to implement the necessary changes to ensure administrative reform at the beleaguered organization.

Even the CSA interim board, appointed by Mthethwa in October and incorporated in November, also released a statement and expressed their disappointment. “These proposed changes would be in line with the Nicholson Report and good corporate governance‚” reads the CSA interim board statement. The CSA members council is expected to release a statement as well.

Mthethwa’s threat to ban Cricket SA as the sport’s governing body in the country would mean the South African men’s team’s tour to the West Indies in June and the national women’s team’s trip to England later this year. Government intervention is unlikely to be well received by the ICC, who have the power to suspend South Africa from international cricket.

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