KL Rahul reveals that he is working on trying to fix his strike rate in T20I’s

KL Rahul reveals that he is working on trying to fix his strike rate in T20I’s

Since making his comeback from his injury, KL Rahul hasn’t been enjoying much success with the bat. Despite getting a half-century in the last Super Four game against Afghanistan, he did not have a fantastic Asia Cup overall. His team did not win the tournament. The way he held his form and batted slowly drew a lot of attention. After the former captain produced a magnificent ton against Afghanistan to start the innings, there were even suggestions for Virat Kohli to replace him as an opener in the team’s batting order.

KL Rahul is India’s first-choice opener for the 2022 Twenty20 World Cup, which will be hosted by Australia. This was verified by Rohit Sharma, who dismissed all the rumors as unfounded. Rahul has recently revealed that he has problems with his strike rate and said that he is currently focusing on improving the strike rate part of his game. 

“Yes, I am working on improving my strike rate. Since the roles of each player have been set in the last 10 to 12 months, it’s clear that everyone knows what is expected of them and is working toward that goal,” said KL Rahul.

KL Rahul continued by saying that everyone in the locker room is working on improving their game and that nobody is flawless. He went on to explain that a batter has to play according to the scenario and that sometimes a player may win a game for his team by scoring runs at a strike rate of 100 or 120. 

“Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect in the dressing room. Everyone is working toward something, and everyone has a certain role to play. Strike rates are obviously looked at as a whole. You’ll never know when that batsman played at a certain strike rate, if it was important for him to play at a 200-strike rate, or if the team could have won even if he played at a 100-120 strike rate. This means that these are things that not everyone thinks about. Because of this, it looks slow when you look at it,” The vice-captain of India also said.

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