England vs. Scotland: 2018 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers Match Prediction

England vs. Scotland

2018 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers
Match Venue: Wembley Stadium
Match Date: 11 November 2016

12BET (Football Tips) This rivalry is known to be the oldest in the international football scene, England will be determine to keep the good record that they hold over their rival. Will the host be able maintain their current momentum against the team of Scotland?

Team Analysis


The English side has been in great crisis in Euro 2016 as they failed to win the title. This type of fate in the football competition is not what manager Gareth Southgate wants as the group stage of the competition progresses. England’s national team is currently the front runner of Group F as they remain to be unbeaten so far.

The pressure is within the English coach as he might not want to follow the dismissal of Sam Allardyce after being ineffective as a manager of the squad.

The team remains to be equipped with great players like captain Wayne Rooney, Leicester’s top scorer Jamie Vardy, the young but enthusiastic player of the Red Devil Marcus Rashford, the game changer of the Spurs Harry Kane, and more. With these men in the field there’s definitely no doubt that they will be able to defend their standing, added the fact that they have the home soil advantage. Fixtures shows that England capitalize eleven of their twelve campaigns at home – they have managed outclasses big teams like France and Portugal.


Scottish will be challenge to stop the star players that the three Lions squad have since they are lacking of big names in their team. They have started the tournament with a devastating loss against Slovakia as they were thrashed with a 3-0 run. Their luck was then followed by a win over Malta and a draw from Lithuania.

Gordon Strachan must create a good line-up and tactical defence to stop their rival on capitalizing in this game. He needs to motivate his men to have an eye on the net as they need more points to make it in the cut-off.


Considering the record, Scotland only won twice against England in 30years and haven’t won any of their game right at the field of the host.

The home team will be the favorite to win this game, and they are expected to make it in the next leg of the competition.

England 1.36 (this odd might change from time to time)

Score: 2-0


Photo Credit: BBC

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