England’s on the Trend after Doing Mannequin Challenge


12BET (Football News) There’s no such thing as boring as Jamie Vardy and Raheem Sterling challenge their teammates to do the trending mannequin challenge on their stalemate clash against Spain last night which led into a 2-2 result.

The Leicester’s star were up on the challenge as Vardy created a standing still striking pose to celebrate scoring, which was then followed by Sterling and Theo Walcott to support the game-changer in creating pose. On their lead everyone followed, it was indeed a perfect time as what was mentioned by the 29-year old footballer.

This trend actually started last month in US which was then become viral all around the globe as popular names in different industry strike their pose. Prominent name like Hillary Clinton, Adele, Beyonce and James Corden have already did the mannequin challenge.

These footballers are indeed not boring, but they are not just the one who did it as some athletes have also uploaded their craziest post on the model challenge.

Both Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic have their version which they did during ATP World Tour Finals in London. Borussia Dortmund, Pitts Steelers created his own with efforts in the gym while working out. A group of professional Asian golfers also has their own version.

How to do the mannequin challenge?

It’s just easy gather your friend and strike a pose make sure that you film it the usual angle is 360 degrees.
Make sure that you won’t be late for this craze, do your own version now!


Photo Credit: The Telegraph