English Premier League: Online Betting Preview

English Premier League

A new season of the English Premier League (EPL) begins tomorrow. In the opening fixture, newly promoted Hull City hosts defending champions Leicester City. It is going to be an online betting bonanza for soccer lovers, as five other matches will be held later in the day. Among them is Manchester City’s campaign-starting match against Sunderland at home and Everton’s tough home opener against Tottenham Hotspurs. In the other matches of the day, Burnley hosts Swansea, Crystal Palace welcomes West Brom, Middlesbrough takes on Stoke City and Southampton meets Watford at home.

Who is going to win?

These are still early days. All the clubs have reinforced their team with newer and stronger players. Some of the teams have brought in newer managers as well. There will be a fresh approach and innovative tactics from almost all the teams.

Leicester’s triumph in the previous season will give hope and positive energy to the teams outside the so-called big four club of Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. It will boost the confidence of even strong teams outside the big four like Tottenham and Liverpool. If Leicester can do it, why can’t we?

Leicester’s success offers a big lesson to the online betting community as well: never undermine the minnows. Watch out for the performance of teams like Watford. They looked organized and sharp on the field last season. If they can find a couple of leaders and habitual goal-scorers, they can be a force to reckon with in this season.

If you are less adventurous, but still want to put your money outside the big four in online betting, check out the fortunes of Tottenham Hotspurs. Spurs could have won the title last year. If anything, they are a stronger unit this year. Their match against Everton will give you an indication of how they will fare in the season.

The opening day’s fixture will show glimpses of all the teams’ potential. Watch the football action and enjoy online betting @12bet. Good times are ahead!

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