Excited, Nervous and Anxious as Steven Gerrard returns to Anfield

steven gerrard liverpool

12BET (Football News) Come back is for real but not as a player this time, the pressure is on for former Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard as he takes charge of the Reds this February.

It was indeed a mixed emotion for the prominent English midfielder as he returns to Anfield in hope of helping his former club to earn a spot on the international tournaments next season. Excited but at the same time nervous and anxious this is how Gerrard talks about his homecoming to the English side.

The 36-years old footballer has made his first debut with the Reds in 1998 and decided to retired last year.

In an interview that was conducted by BBC, the English central midfielder said that handling Liverpool will surely help him to become a better coach in the future. Commitment and hard work will help him to achieve this goal yet he is not rushing everything.

Gerrard is out of Premier League last season as he decided to join LA Galaxy before his retirement in November 2016. Experience wise he surely have it all as his been in the field for 19-years.

A brand new role is surely challenging yet Gerrard dares to take the risk. He is indeed delighted with his comeback knowing the fact that he treats Liverpool as a family and a home.

Although he doesn’t know what lies ahead he is optimistic with the fact that something good will happen in his career.

“I’ve a lot of dreams and aspirations to be the best I can be in terms of coaching and management – but we’ll have to wait and see if I’m going to be good enough.”


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