FC Porto vs. Leicester City: Champions League Match Prediction

FC Porto vs. Leicester City

2016-2017 UEFA Champions League Match Prediction

Match Venue: Estadio do Dragao

Match Date: 8 December 2016


12BET (Football Tips) Leicester remains to be undefeated on their game in UEFA Champions League this season, they are also the first team to provide FC Porto a devastating loss. The challenge now is for them to win this rally eventhough they are away from home.


Head to Head Match

09/27/2016      Leicester 1:0 FC Porto


Team Analysis

FC Porto

The Portuguese side is having a bumpy journey in both the domestic and international campaigns that they are into. FC Porto had finally stopped their consecutive goalless stalemate campaigns by winning their game against Braga in Liga Nos, which earned them the third spot on league standing. Their upcoming rival holds a five point deficit which they are planning to cut down as they try to grab the number one spot.

This will be the biggest game that they will be into as they face the current champion on Premier League. They will be in badly needed for a win here since they only hold a two point deficit over Copenhagen who will face the underdog of their cluster.

Nuno Espirito Santo will put his trust on Andre Silva who’s currently the goal contributor of the squad.


Claudio Ranieri cannot contain the happiness that he feels as his men currently experience the success on the international competition that they are into. The foxes might be having a roller coaster journey in their domestic game but this didn’t create an effect on their performance in Champions League.

Leicester will be entering this game after a heartbreaking loss to Sunderland which they didn’t expect. Both Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez are having a hard time in finding the net, and goals were actually coming from unexpected players.

The team will need to work on their counter attack and line of defense in order to bounce back. They also need to find their motivations back if they want to keep their title in the local tournament.


FC Porto will not settle for a draw result here as Copenhagen can easily leapfrogged the second place which they wouldn’t want. Checking out the records on their six last matches we can see how the Portuguese club struggled in creating goals, and this will be their last chance to redeem themselves back in their cluster.

Meanwhile, a lot expects that Ranieri will allow some of his essential players to take some rest as they already have their ticket to the next round. With that the home team has a chance to get back on their winning ways.

FC Porto 1.28 (This odd might change)

Score: 1-0


Photo Credit: TheSun

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