Jurgen Klopp Justifies Decision for Benching Coutinho and Firmino

Philippe Coutinho Robert Firmino

Philippe Coutinho Robert Firmino

Jurgen Klopp defended his decision for not starting Philippe Coutinho and Robert Firmino in the Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Everton last weekend.

When asked whether Klopp felt it was still the correct decision he said, “I though before the game, yes. Still yes, even when the result doesn’t show it.

“We did it in the last six or seven weeks. We do it like this. I’ve said it here, I’ve said it to the boys already, we can change as much as we want when we win the games, but when we don’t win the games I take the blame. I have no problem with that.”

Despite the draw, it was apparent that Klopp’s men dominated the match as against Allardyce’s squad. Liverpool had 79% of the possession.

Meanwhile, with the draw, coach Sam Allardyce admitted that it somehow boosted Everton by seeing the Reds’ duo on the bench.

When asked if he was happy to see Coutinho and Firmino on the bench, Allardyce responded without hesitation, “Yes, I would say that.

“But they’ve got an array of outstanding talented players that were still on the pitch. They had the main man on who scored the goal. I’m not so sure I could criticize my defenders for a brilliant finish at such a tight angle.”

Everton is expected to travel to Newcastle United on the 13th; while Liverpool will host West Bromwich Albion on the same day too (for the best betting tips, check out 12BET).


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