Mexico secure win in a fiery fight over New Zealand

mexico vs newzealand

mexico vs newzealand

Mexico are now at the top of Confederations Cup Group A after narrowly defeating New Zealand on Wednesday at Olimpiyskiy Stadion Fisht.

New Zealand opened score through Chris Wood when midfielder Clayton Lewis turned the ball around the corner so Wood can quick fire a lead to break the stalemate during the first stretch of the match.

Couple of minutes past the half time, Juan Carlos Osorio’s men eventually ended their side’s struggle for squandering too chances as Raul Jimenez smashed an equalizer.

The game tempo further changed as Mexico find rhythm in the pitch with only 18 minutes remaining. Oribe Peralta secured his team’s win with another goal by sweeping Javier Aquino’s accurate pull-back.

The win means Mexico rise above Portugal in the Confederations Cup group’s standing.

Maxico’s hard-fought campaign paid off in the late minutes despite the unpleasant scene of brawl when Diego Reyes pulled back Michael Boxall who lunged at Hector Hererra.

Manager Osorio had also lost his temper during the match after a heated argument with one of the opposition’s assistant coaches when Carlos Salcedo went down with a shoulder injury.

But the Columbian coach later apologized for his inappropriate actions.

“I would like to apologize to our fans, the way I spoke to one of their assistant coaches was not OK,” he said and later added, “There is no place for disrespect in football and I am sorry. The game was rough, almost violent on occasion, so I lost my temper.”

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Photo Credit: skysports

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