Former Pakistani Cricketer Saqlain Mushtaq Explains Difference Between The Indian and Pakistan Cricket Teams


India and Pakistan have had this rivalry between them for years. Both teams have this difference in their setups but historically are very different to each other too. The two sides have seen some success over the years. However, they have seen their fair share of ups and downs too and continue to play impressive live cricket.

At times, the two sides have played a cricket match due to the problems between the nations. These meetings have generally taken place at international tournaments. With that being said, the fans love the rivalry and can’t stop talking about it. The two teams will be meeting in the group stages of the 2023 World Cup as well, as confirmed recently.

What Were The Recent Comments By Saqlain Mushtaq To News Agency PTI That Caught The Attention Of The Cricket Fans?

The ex-Pakistan spinner explained the main difference between the Indian and Pakistani cricket teams. That was after the recent ODI series against Sri Lanka and England for the two teams respectively. On one hand, Team India has already won the series. On the other hand, Pakistan lost their series 2-1, though it was close as well.

“Pakistan cricket has suffered quite a lot because of no international cricket at home. On the other hand, India has done the right thing by investing on its under-19 and A team tours. I remember when I was working in England for like four summers and once in Australia. Every year I saw some Indian team touring those countries.”

The Indian players have made the fans really proud with their performance in the current tour. They were quite good, though they lacked the experience at the international level. With that being said, the fans enjoyed what they would have seen. At least the Indian side of things would be really pleased with the results so far. Hopefully, the players can keep it up under the leadership of Shikhar Dhawan.

What More Did Saqlain Mushtaq Add About International Cricket And The Use Of Spinners?

Saqlain further went on to add that teams were not really relying on a specialist off-break bowler. He could see that teams are now looking at different tactics for white-ball formats. That was because of an increasing trend of using wrist spinners in the game and it was visible all across the globe.

He further went on to add that this was hampering the growth and development of off-spinners. The former player gave examples of various countries that use this formula and have seen success over the years. He stated, “It is an ongoing trend in white-ball formats now-a-days. Teams want to have maximum wrist spinners. Like India has Chahal and Yadav, Australia has Adam Zampa and Stephenson, England has Adil Rashid etc…This is actually  discouraging players from taking up the art of off-spin bowling.”

Can Pakistan Recover From This Loss At The Hands Of England Now That Will Have Really Made Their Fans Unhappy?

The loss to England, first in the T20 format and now in the ODIs was embarrassing for the Pakistani side. Fans were unhappy with what they had seen on the pitch. They were not impressed with the work that the management was doing. Many had expressed their unhappiness and had asked for resignations a few days ago as well.

This came at the back of a few former Pakistani cricketers tagging them the favourites to win the T20 World Cup in UAE and Oman. For now, the fans will be patient and wait and watch what this team produces. If they can improve in the upcoming days, things can be better. Otherwise, it will once again be the same old story for the Asian side.

T20 is a format that they enjoy and would want to dominate once again. However, it will not be easy at all, with some really good sides that are well-balanced too. Though Pakistan has played almost a decade of cricket in the UAE, it will not be easy for them. They will have to play really good cricket to be considered serious contenders for the title. Only time will tell whether the Pakistani side can deliver in the upcoming international tournament or fade away like the previous occasions.

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