Formula One Canadian Grand Prix: Online Betting Preview

Canadian Grand Prix

Formula One Canadian Grand Prix: Online Betting Preview

This week’s Canadian Grand Prix presents opportunities for both the title chasers in this year’s Formula One. For Ferrari, this is a chance to pull away from Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel has a 25-point lead over Lewis Hamilton. He will be looking forward to increase it. For Mercedes, it is a chance to reduce the deficit as much as possible. Canada is a happy hunting ground for Hamilton. Current form favors Vettel, while history sides with Hamilton. Whom should you back for online betting?

Vital Stats

Hamilton has won Canadian Grand Prix five teams, including last two seasons. Still, he needs two more triumphs to catch up with the Ferrari great Michael Schumacher who has registered seven wins in this grand prix. The Circuit Île Notre-Dame/Gilles Villeneuve is considered among the easier circuits to race in the Formula One calendar. It has more straight passages than most other modern circuits. Overtaking is not too difficult. The circuit is 4.36 km long. The drivers cover 70 laps equivalent to a distance of 305.27 km.

Potential Winners

This is going to be straight fight between Vettel and Hamilton. So, it is better to choose one of them in online betting. Ferrari has made it clear that they will let Vettel finish first ahead of Kimi Raikkonen. Similarly, Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes does not show the kind of form he shows in qualifying rounds in the actual race. Furthermore, Red Bull has not produced the car to match the Ferrari and the Mercedes. Don’t look any further than Hamilton and Vettel. But who is going to win this: Hamiton or Vettel?

Prediction for Online Betting

Vettel has won in Canada only once – 2013. So even in his Red Bull heydays, this was not a lucky circuit form him. However, Ferrari seem to have produced best car for this year’s specification, especially with regard to tyre management. It is becoming increasingly evident. That should help Vettel to finish first here.


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