Impressive Stunt on the Upcoming Campaign of Real Madrid and Roma

Roma vs. Real Madrid

Champions League: Roma vs. Real Madrid

Match Venue: Stadio Olimpico

Match Date: 17 February 2016

The clash of the two strongest team is about to set the Stadio Olimpico on fire, who will be able to resist the heat?

Team Analysis


Roma gets to keep a clean sheet in their five last matches, and they are expecting to continue this run as they face the strong team of Real Madrid tomorrow. The squad is ready to for the biggest clash against their rival, Seydou Keita the midfielder of the team admits that it will be a tough fight, but it is not impossible for them to beat their opponent.

Meanwhile Francesco Totti and Daniele de Rossi is expected to make a comeback in this exciting match. The eagerness to show the best that they have will be witness in this upcoming campaign. Football enthusiast should never set aside the fact that Roma can really perform well.

Witness how they will try to stop the momentum that Real Madrid have.

Real Madrid

Zidane’s men are up for another victorious as they face the team of Roma. The visitors have managed to keep a clean six sheets after the management of Zidane. The potential of each player shows up, and the hunger for a win is always present. He also looked back at the moment wherein he was a player and the assistant coach of Real Madrid when they won the championship and is looking forward to experience the same scenario now that he was the coach.

With the oozing confidence that they have, and a wonderful stunt that the squad show it will definitely be easy for them to snatch a win. Yet, just like Roma the team also believes that it will be a tough match-up.

“The important thing for us is to perform at our top level and win the game.” This is what Zidane and his men keep in mind.


The probability of winning is in favored of Real Madrid, but a lot of people expect that it will be a draw result. As for the host of the competition, Roma will try to give an impressive stunt in this upcoming rally that will absolutely amaze all the fans out there.


Roma – 4.45

Real Madrid – 1.82

Score: 1-1

Photo Credit: Mirror

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