Imran Khan has taken notice of the argument

Imran Khan

Imran Khan has taken notice of the argument between Shoaib Akhtar and PTV presenter

The feud between Shoaib Akhtar and PTV Sports presenter Dr. Nauman Niaz has been making headlines in recent days. Following Pakistan’s five-wicket triumph over New Zealand in the T20 World Cup 2021, Niaz, a seasoned sports anchor, organised a panel discussion with Akhtar and many other renowned cricket figures. When Akhtar altered the focus on a question and began speaking about some different issue, the cricket anchor became irritated.

As a result, the pacer was asked to leave the live television broadcast. While Akhtar attempted to explain his point and requested an apology, Niaz did not. This was the end of the former cricketer’s patience and he chose to walk away, leaving the show about live cricket behind.

Neither did the host attempt to stop him. Following this incident, PTV Sports issued a statement stating that both Akhtar and Niaz have been taken off the air until the investigation is completed.

With Shoaib Akhtar being one of the most lethal fast bowlers in history, many fans were outraged by Nauman’s treatment of him. It did not go down well with them, as he is one of their liked players from the past due to his honest and bold nature.

Even Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed concern over the incident. According to a report in Geo News, Pakistan Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Mohammad Khan said that the Prime Minister is not amused by the drama and has even asked the committee to take prompt action.

Imran Khan agitated with the feud and has let both parties know of what he thinks about it

Mohammad Khan further said that Imran Khan was irritated because the show’s presenter disrespected the talismanic cricketer. “You cannot ask somebody to quit the programme on the air; this is arrogant,” he added, adding that Niaz should have considered the worth of himself and Akhtar.

“Dr Niaz should have pondered a hundred times before attacking Akhtar,” he said, wondering “how we handle our national players in front of foreign cricket greats.” Imran Khan also praised Akhtar for attempting to tackle the problem at the time.

“I would also want to commend Akhtar for what he has done with regards to the incident. That is because, contrary to his character, he responded calmly. It was despite the fact that he is renowned for his ferocity as a fast bowler,” added the Prime Minister of Pakistan in his comments post the incident.


It should be noted that Nauman Niaz has indicated that no one else would be allowed to host the programme. In response, the former Pakistan captain said that “neither the state-owned station nor the programme belong to anybody’s parent.”

Can Pakistan be beaten by any team in the current edition of the T20 World Cup or will they run riot in the tournament?

One of the top contenders for the T20 World Cup right now based on the level of performances has surely been the Pakistani cricket team. They have been on fire and on top of their game at present. None of the top teams in Group 2, India, New Zealand and Afghanistan have been able to beat them so far.

It seems highly unlikely that any team will be able to beat them in this present group. Only a major upset could disrupt their momentum, which is something that skipper Babar Azam will want to avoid. With that being said, they have one of the most balanced sides in the tournament at present.

However, where there is good cricket, there will always be some controversy. That has been the case for the Asian side at present. Whether it is on live television or on Social Media platforms, things do tend to get out of hand at times. That has been the case forever.

Political issues are also a reason for that and the world is watching Pakistan closely at present. With that being said, there is an added pressure on their team and they will want to win this trophy and silence their critics. Keeping that in mind, these wins and performances on the pitch are looking really vital at present.

If they do continue to play like this, they might end up winning the T20 World Cup. That would be some feat and will make their nation and its fans really proud. Let’s wait and watch!! Only time will tell!!

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