Invicta FC 16: Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Amber Brown

Ayaka Hamasaki MMA

Atomweight Title

Match Venue: Trinidad Pavilion, Tropicana, Las Vegas

Match Date: 11 March 2016

The face-off between your favorite MMA female fighter is about to happen, as Ayaka Hamasaki tries to defend her atomweight title against Amber Brown.

Fighters Information

Ayaka Hamasaki

Country: Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

Age: 33

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 125lbs

Current Rank: Atomweight Champion

Record: 12(W) – 1(L) – 0(Draw)

Ayaka Hamasaki who was crowned as the atomweight champion title holder is about to be challenged by Amber Brown. She just had the said title last year by winning through a split decision against Herica Tiburcio at Invicta 13. With her upcoming fight, the defending champion is in hope of securing her belt and continues her three consecutive win on her last three matches.

Hamasaki said that this upcoming campaign will be tough, that’s the reason why she make sure that her body condition is well and that she improves on her training. Her belief of winning this fight is huge, since she have undergone a good training and she have also watch the matches of her opponent so she can determine Brown’s weakness and strength.

She eventually worked more on striking and grappling. She is knowledgeable on both martial arts and boxing which she will use to beat her competitor. Aside from that, Hamasaki also works on improving her body built since she knows that American fighters always have an advantage when talk about this matter.


Amber “The Bully” Brown

Country: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Age: 27

Height: 5’4

Weight: 105lbs

Current Rank: #6 Atomweight

Record: 6(W) – 1(L) – 0(Draw)

On hope of snatching the title from Hamasaki, “The Bully” expects to have her continuous winning streak after having her fourth victorious win against Shino Vanhoose at Invicta 15. Her recent match was flawless this is how a lot of MMA enthusiast.

This will be the first time that Brown will try to get the champion atomweight belt, and as expected this will be an intense match up. The Bully continuously improve from her last four matches that even her rival noticed it.

Brown is also skillful on both striking and grappling which she will use on this upcoming rally. With her determination and hunger for a win expect that Brown won’t just easily give up.


This is sure to be an exciting match, since both fighters have the same skills. If experience will be the base of who will win then this clash is in favored of Hamasaki, but never set aside aside he fact that Brown has a oozing self-confidence which she can actually use to challenge the defending champion.


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Photo Credit: LockerDome

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