Is Cricket Betting Legal In India?

Cricket betting legal in India

Cricket betting legal in India is becoming a highly regarded form of entertainment in many countries throughout the world. It has developed to the point that, in addition to offering wagers on numerous sports, modern operators now provide wagers on political events and entertainment-related events.

The second-most populous nation in the world, India, has a long history of betting on the results of sporting events. However, not everything is simple and easy when it comes to the legality of this expanding sector in the South Asian nation.

The present paper examines the legality of sports betting in India, the laws that apply, and the future of this extremely profitable industry.

An Overview of Indian Sports Betting :

With the development of technology, more and more individuals in India now have access to high-speed internet, as well as laptops and mobile devices. Additionally, a wide range of offshore betting sites that cater to Indian players are providing different promotional incentives in an effort to draw in new clients from the nation.

Given India’s sizable middle-class population and the fact that a sizable section of them enjoys gambling, the sector has enormous potential. Not to be overlooked are the enormous amount of illicit wagers put on the Indian Premier League each year as well as the Indians’ unparalleled enthusiasm for cricket.

Indian sports enthusiasts are intensely preoccupied with football in addition to cricket. Basketball, horse racing, tennis, badminton, and other sports are also quite popular for wagering.

All of these elements work together to support the booming cricket betting legal in India industry.

Sports betting is permitted in India :

It is reasonable to say that the legal framework for sports betting in India is extremely confusing when it comes to rules and regulations. There aren’t any Indian sports betting providers functioning there right now.

The argument for legalizing sports betting in India is that it will surely boost the economy of the nation. They recommend that legislation be amended to reflect the current situation and market attitudes rather than diverting a large sum of money from bettors to overseas operators.

Indian Sports Betting Regulations :

The obsolete Public Gambling Act of 1867 is, in accordance with, the most significant piece of legislation in India pertaining to sports betting and gambling. It states that all types of gambling are prohibited. There is technically no specific rule in the Indian legal system that forbids online sports betting. However, specific clauses distinguish between games of skill and games of chance. As a result, there is now even greater ambiguity and doubt around the legality of sports betting.

The fact that India is divided into states, each of which has been given the freedom to create and adopt its own gambling laws, is still another crucial issue to be taken into account.

The state of Sikkim, for example, is notable for its more permissive position on gambling and sports betting, with casinos and lotteries operating on its borders. The State of Goa has a robust tourism boom thanks to multiple floating casinos. Regarding the creation of gaming establishments, several states around the nation have taken a more cautious stance.

India’s cyber activity is the subject of the Information Technology Act of 2000, a piece of legislation. It’s interesting to note that it excludes the gambling and sports betting industries from its purview.

Legal experts ultimately believe that, in the lack of a thorough regulatory framework or an established governing body, digital sports betting sites are not prohibited in India.


Overall, the Indian government is likely to adopt new gaming regulations that will regulate the business and produce much-needed tax money. The legalization of gambling and sports betting would provide new job prospects as well. Undoubtedly, regulating the business with right rules would undoubtedly yield bigger income for sports leagues. Some expect legalization on a state-by-state basis over the next couple of years, but it remains to be seen if it will be executed.

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