Kane Williamson concerned about England’s depth, ahead of T20 World Cup semi-final

Kane Williamson concerned about England's depth, ahead of T20 World Cup semi-final

Despite the absence of two major opposition players in Jason Roy and Tymal Mills, Kane Williamson is aware of England’s depth. The New Zealand skipper will not take anything for granted in the forthcoming T20 World Cup semi-final. It will be tough to call this one but cricket prediction may just favour England a bit.

The Latest Comments By Kane Williamson Ahead Of The Semi-final Against England

It should be a great cricket match and Williamson spoke before the game and said, “They are both important players for England. It is a pity they have been injured in this tournament. But I believe one of the England team’s assets is the depth that they have managed to create over time. 

“Having spent some time at the Birmingham Phoenix and been part in the 100-ball competition, you can see that there’s a lot of skill everywhere. They are still a very powerful team that is been playing some excellent cricket.”

“Whenever there is an injury, someone else comes in. You do not know who they are until the coin toss. But you try to prepare and plan as much as possible, and then when you get out there, you are competing in the moment.” 

That is all that counts at that point. But, like Jos, Jason (who has been ruled out of the tournament now) is a major player for England and has been performing incredibly well and helping the side get off to a strong start. But, as I indicated, England’s depth is one of their assets. We will attempt to prepare appropriately to the best of our abilities.

But, for the most part, we want to concentrate on the kind of cricket we want to play as a group and continue to improve on that as we have throughout this tournament.”

What Is The Current Status Of The New Zealand Side?

Williamson has had a few injuries himself, which has resulted in less-than-ideal conditioning in between games. Williamson entered this World Cup with a recurring elbow ailment that held him out of a warm-up match, but he’s done well so far in the tournament, despite playing three afternoon games in five days.

“That (elbow) has been a bit of a difficulty for me. And the balance between filling the elbow and other things to be as fresh as possible for the game. So it’s a delicate balance that I’m trying to grasp. I’m looking forward to the day when it is gone and I don’t have to worry about it anymore. But, for the time being, it is a matter of debate, and we’re simply trying to work closely with the physio to make sure you’re as fresh as possible for the games. However, it has had an effect on loading, which means training has been a little bit… a lot less, to be frank,” added the Kiwi skipper.

Who Will Win This Tie And Make It To The Final And How Did The IPL Make An Impact On The Preparations?

Despite unfamiliar circumstances, such as heat or pitches, New Zealand has advanced to the semi-finals, with just one Asian team present. Williamson acknowledged the IPL and other leagues for assisting them in acclimating to the circumstances.

“The IPL and am sure other franchise competitions, contribute a lot to the expertise of players from all around the world. Also contribute to the experience of being able to share, and I believe we’ve seen in this tournament, and definitely in the second half of the IPL, the diversity and surfaces that, as you stated, may have lent themselves more easily to some teams.

But right now, you are competing in separate games and the margins are fine. And we knew going into this tournament that literally any team could defeat anybody, and we witnessed that throughout the competition, and there were certain teams who were probably favourites going in. We were lucky on the day, but I think that’s par for the course in tournament sport. And it paved the stage for what has been and will continue to be a tense and entertaining fight.”

So it is terrific; we feel lucky to have progressed through the stages and been able to play some decent cricket, and we want to keep doing so. I believe both sides are just looking forward to the event. This year’s T20 World Cup has been a long time coming. It has been amazing to be a part of it. It is all coming to a close, since we’re in the semi-finals and things are going well. Hopefully, there will be another game after that,” Williamson signed off.