Keeping a Consecutive Winning Streak

Bournemouth vs. Swansea

2015-2016 English Premier League Match Prediction

Bournemouth vs. Swansea

Match Venue: Dean Court
Match Date: 12 March 2016

Though far away from the relegation zone Bournemouth and Swansea is in hope of having their third consecutive win as they go against each other this weekend.

Team Analysis


Looking forward on continuing their impressive stunt Bournemouth will be challenge to keep their momentum as they go against Swansea with only two point’s interval in securing their current standing. On their recent campaign, the squad has put the struggling team of Newcastle United on the relegation zone, ending the said clash with a 3-1 score.

With the good performance that Bournemouth shows on their previous matches, a lot of football critiques believe that Eddie Howe is doing well on managing his team. Praises were given to the young coach for being able to help the team bounce back on the said competition. With only a few games remaining this season, the hope of climbing a better spot to end it will be enough for Howe’s squad.


The unexpected win against Arsenal has brought back the impressive stunt of Swansea in order to have a back to back win. Their match against Arsenal proves that a strong team must not be relaxed when they go against a struggling team like Swansea. They might have been considered as the underdog in the match but they did not failed to prove that they can play well, and they can beat one of the strongest team in the competition.

With the oozing confidence that the squad have right now, an excited match will surely be shown as they face Bournemouth this weekend.


On their previous face-off last year the result was considered as draw. The higher chance of winning is in favored of Bournemouth but the team must never set aside the good rally that Swansea did on their recent match.


Bournemouth 1.97

Score: 2-1

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Photo Credit: SkySports

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