Liverpool Remains Strong Out of Big European Tournament


2016-2017 EFL Cup Match Prediction
Match Venue: Anfield
Match Date: 25 October 2016 

12BET (Football News) The lack of involvement on the giant tournaments in Europe have helped the squad of Jurgen Klopp to focus on their campaigns in English competitions, which they are currently having a great stunt.

Mauricio Pochettino said that his men will have a tough time on their way to Anfield tonight for the EFL Cup. They are currently having a hard time in creating a play in their past matches. They have to settle into a back to back stalemate goalless campaigns in the different competitions that they are into.

Meanwhile, the Reds were having a great journey on the domestic competition. Their most recent success comes from West Bromwich wherein they run away with a 2-1 score placing them on the third spot of the English Premier League rally. They are unbeaten on their last six matches wherein they capitalize on both home and away matches.

The probability of dominating in this campaign is within Klopp’s side. There’s a great chance that they will be able to end it big this season if they will get to sustain the impressive play as the competition progresses.

The challenge is on for Hotspurs to stop their rival in having an eye on the net as they will be out of essential player Moussa Sissoko, who will miss three campaigns, after elbowing Bournemouth’s Harry Arter.  The French midfielder will be out of action on their clash against the giant clubs from England; this includes Liverpool, Arsenal and Leicester. The biggest question now is who will take charge of the position of Sissoko?

Photo Credit: LiverpoolFC

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