Manchester United Performance This Season is Unpredictable

Manchester United vs. Southampton

2015-2016 Premier League Match Prediction

Manchester United vs. Southampton
Match Venue: Old Trafford
Match Date: 23 January 2016

Sustaining the intensity throughout the game is the primary reason why Manchester United performance is really not that impressive.

Team Analysis

Manchester United

Louis van Gaal squad cannot sustain the intensity that they have from the good matches that they have in order to gain momentum. Their journey on EPL is like a roller coaster ride sometimes they are on their peak afterwards they will go down again. The team is currently on the fifth spot, but they must not relax for two points interval is not enough.

The manager of the team announced that he will also quit on handling Manchester United on summer.

Meanwhile Adnan Januzaj is set to be welcomed back into the Manchester United on their match against Southampton this weekend. With that van Gaal is expecting to have another victorious win.


Southampton winning streak will be challenge as they face Manchester United this weekend. The team had shown a wonderful campaign against West Bromwich living their opponents without a goal. The back-to-back win will surely be their inspiration to perform well on their upcoming matches.

The squad is about to face the stronger team of Manchester United, if they want to win they must look for a way to create as many goals as possible.


Southampton will dominate the possession on the ball this is most likely to occur on the said match. The game will be intense since both team hopes on continuing a wonderful rally on their upcoming match.

Manchester United will have a stronger defense with that the probability of winning is high.

Manchester United 3-1 Southampton

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