Match Result: Germany 0-2 France

Match Results France vs. Germany

France gets to have their sweet revenge over Germany as Antoine Griezmann doubled their chances of winning the campaign.

The Germans came up short as they didn’t see this coming – a clean sheet match was given to them by their rival whom they beat in 2014 World Cup. A lot didn’t expect that strong team like Germany will be out in the competition. Yet, it the French side that had the momentum win in the end, they are now up to face Portugal for the final leg of the competition.

This is the nature of any sports it is unpredictable, dominating the possession of the ball is needed and at the same time you need to create goal chances.

Didier Deschamps side now has the chance to win their fourth major tournament. The boss of the said club said that Germany is such a strong team and they really had a hard time, but the fact that his men were determine enough to push it harder made the upper hand in favored of them in the end.

Deschamps said that another history was created, as they see happiness from their fans, and they gain confidence after beating the giant/favorite team in the European Championship.

The midfielders of the squad made it possible for them to surpass the heat that Joachim Low’s men have over them. The line-up and transition of the ball, and the commitment of every player give France the opportunity to capitalize on the said game. Added the fact that Germany played without the important footballers, like Mats Hummels, Mario Gomez, and Sami Khedira.

Griezmann and Matuidi’s combination is unstoppable that even their rival goalkeeper failed to refuse the shots that they made. These two footballers are expected to continue their impressive stunt against the giants of Portugal, Ronaldo and Nani.


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Photo Credit: BleacherReport