Michael Vaughan says England players may not make Ashes tour if families are barred


Former England cricket team captain Michael Vaughan cannot believe that England would be able to send full strength team to this year’s ashes if Australia does not allow the players to go there with their family. It is a long tour, everyone knows that and it will be hard for the England cricketers to play cricket for so many days away and without seeing their loved ones. From a personal point of view this is what Michael Vaughan has stated in a recent interview about the upcoming Ashes series starting in December. Australia is likely to host this month long tour with Covid-19 pandemic related restrictions, Vaughan says many cricketers will not prefer to play in this series.

An Ashes winning skipper in 2005 with England, who is now a commentator. The former opener has personally sent a request to the Australian federal and state governments to consider how they could give exemptions for players’ friends and family. Australia has strict restrictions on how many foreign people are entering their country during this pandemic. This may not be really helpful for the players trying to focus on playing some good live cricket.

They have also closed their interstate borders to prevent any movement to tackle coronavirus outbreak. Vaughan believes that the Ashes cannot get cancelled but wants the series to be competitive. It will only be possible if England can send their full strength team down under.

What Michel Vaughan told the ABC in a recent interview about the upcoming cricketing season for England?

“If Australia continue to lock the borders and make it very, very difficult, there will come a stage where a sports team decides not to come. Not saying that will be the England cricket team. But … as we speak, would be amazed if England have a full-strength team for the Ashes.”

Vaughan also spoke about a few more things. Like when asked why players could not travel without their families for long periods like they did in the past, he said, “We are in a different era. Back in the day, 20, 30 years ago. If England arrive in Australia with half a team and I hope it does not come to this … it would almost be that The Ashes become a bit of a farce.”

“I do not think you can cancel the Ashes. Your teams are not travelling anywhere else, look at your Australian cricketers. Seven decided not to go the Caribbean. Australia and New Zealand have pulled out of the Rugby League World Cup in the UK.”

What has been going on with the Australian players at the moment; the break for the two series?

As an example, few start Australian cricketers did not go to the West Indies to play the limited over series there. Steve Smith and David Werner decided not to make the trip. The Aussies lost 4-1 to West Indies in the five-match T20 series. The second ODI got cancelled because of a West Indian staff was tested positive. In August, Bangladesh will host the Aussies for another T20 series and few star cricketers of Australia will not play it as well.

The Ashes is due to begin on December 8 and run until mid-January. The England players are expected to land in Australia in November after the T20 World Cup in UAE. There is a lot of important cricket to be played and the pressure of performing at the top level consistency will be really tough too. The players would know that as well.

What next for the Australian side; can they live up to the hype in the T20 World Cup and the Ashes?

Australia needs to win some major tournaments to leave their mark on the game. They have been the most dominant side in ODI cricket and really enjoy the Ashes. It is the longest format of the game at the moment and a game of plans and patience. With that being said, the team will want to focus on the Ashes and win it.

If they can deliver a brilliant performance, it will really boost their morale. They can really focus on bigger and better things for the future then. Let’s wait and watch what happens next!!

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