Mike Hussey Gives His Verdict On India Being The Venue For The T20 World Cup

Mike Hussey

The pause of the IPL 2021 tournament was brought about due to the detection of a few Covid-19 cases. Due to this, the BCCI thought that it was best to halt the proceedings before something serious happened. They tried to keep the tournament going. However, once things started to go slightly out of hand, they had to intervene and suspend the competition temporarily.

The decision would have been one that the cricket fans across the globe would have not enjoyed. However, it was one that had to be taken. It was for the protection of the best assets that both the BCCI and the IPL, along with the ICC have, the players themselves. Any complications would have caused a lot of trouble for all the parties involved.

What Was The Story Surrounding Mike Hussey And His Latest Comments On The T20 World Cup To Be Held In India

Not just the players but the coaching staff had gotten infected too. One such member of the CSK camp was Mike Hussey. The former Aussie international had tested positive for the disease. This had forced him to be in quarantine and recover before he could go back home.

With that being said, Mr. Cricket himself was asked about the upcoming T20 World Cup. The venue of the competition as of now is India. He was asked whether he thought that it would be possible to play the tournament in India or not.

His comments after reaching back home to Fox Cricket were, “Think it will be very difficult in my view to play that tournament in India. We are talking about eight teams in the IPL. I think there is probably a similar number, maybe more teams coming in from overseas [for the T20 World Cup], there are going to be many more venues. As I said earlier, if they are playing in different cities, that is when the risk goes up.”

“I think they will have to look some pretty big contingency plans, perhaps looking at the UAE or somewhere like that that could host the World T20. I think there will be a lot of cricket boards around the world that would have to be pretty nervous about going back to India for a cricket tournament.”

Mike Hussey spent two weeks in India recovering from the disease. He had tested positive for Covid-19 on the 4th of May. He was one of the three members of the CSK staff to contract the disease.

What Next For CSK And Team India; As 2021 Still Has A Lot Of Cricket Left

Despite the IPL 2021 tournament being halted, there is still a lot of cricket left in this year. Due to this, it is essential for the players to remain fit and safe. Team India will be playing the World Test Championship Final and a series in England next. The world will also be hoping that the remaining fixtures of the IPL get played out soon.

One thing that would be a point of concern for the Indian side would be that a change in venue could hurt them. If the tournament had been at home, things would have been a bit more in their favour. Home advantage is always something that a team can utilize really well. Due to this, things will now be tougher for the Indian side, who will have to fight much harder in order to win the upcoming T20 World Cup. It is still not impossible but the task has now become even tougher than what it was before.

On the other hand, CSK would have been really disappointed with the IPL 2021 being halted. They were one of the teams in form. Before the tournament was suspended, the team from Chennai was in second place. They were beating every team (more or less) that they were playing and we’re building some great momentum. MS Dhoni and co. would also not be really happy about the fact that the venue for the remaining games of the Indian domestic tournament, could now be changed due to the pandemic. This would mean that all the planning and plotting that would have been done so far, would be a total waste, not just for CSK but for every team involved in the IPL tournament.

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