Mohammad Amir Announces Retirement From International Cricket?

Mohammad Amir Announces Retirement From International Cricket

It seems that not everyone is enjoying the return of cricket in full flow. While there have been players and fans who have been delighted with the return of the game, some have just not liked what is happening around them. On such player is Pakistan’s left-arm wicket-taking pacer, Mohammad Amir.

The 28-year-old star recently said that he is taking an indefinite break from playing for the national team. He went on to further add that this is only due to the differences that he has with the current team management.

This raised a lot of questions amongst the fans and the Pundits, with everyone keen to know the reason. There have been a lot of previous issues in the Pakistani camp as well. Amir is not the first player to come out vocally and criticize the functioning of the management.

What Is The Problem That Mohammad Amir Is Facing At Present; A Gist Of What Is Going On?

The Pakistani fast bowler recently said that he will be taking an indefinite break from international cricket. It could be a sign of a lot of issues happening in the Pakistani camp. This could include either issues with selection or playing in foreign leagues, something that is a major issue in India as well.

With that being said, the player only talked about the differences that he has with the current management of the Pakistani cricket national team. This Cricket news really surprised the world.

He pointed fingers at them as the reason for his happiness and suggested that he could be gone for good. It was surely not a good moment for his fans, who want him to continue playing and possibly help Pakistan lift a World Cup in the near future.

Amir made this huge revelation in a video interview that he gave with Pakistani channel Samaa. He talked about his concerns and problems but didn’t give the details of the same. He further revealed that he would be reaching Pakistan in a few more days from Sri Lanka (where he has been playing in the Lanka Premier League).

Amir went on to add that he would release a more detailed note stating his reasons at that point of time. However, one thing is confirmed as per him that he cannot continue playing for under the current management.

The Statement That Amir Gave In The Live Video

“I have been tortured.”

This was enough to give hints to the media and his fans, as to what he was going through. He does not seem happy with the way things are run at present. According to Mohammad Amir, there is a serious need for change right at the top.

The left-arm pacer burst onto the scene in a T20I game against England back in June 2009. He then went on to participate in 147 international fixtures. He has managed to take a total of 259 wickets in those games.

To add to that, he was also part of the Pakistani squad that won the 2009 World T20I. Further, he was also in the side that won the Champions Trophy title back in 2017. He has always been instrumental in the success of his national team. The player has been contributing in whatever way possible to the success of this side.

What Next For Amir And Co. As He Looks To Resolve Problems In His Cricket Career

The 28-year-old pacer was recently announced as a new acquisition by the Pune Devils in the Abu Dhabi T10 League. The story was broken out earlier on Thursday. However, it seems that the problems for him continue to disturb him at present. He is clearly not able to focus on his cricket due to the same.

The player will want to make his return to his nation and then try to resolve them out. If that can happen, he may not actually retire from the national team. However, if no solution is reached to his problems, he may actually leave the game for good.

The fans will be hoping that the player does not leave the game due to these disputes and issues that he has with the management. Despite that, nothing in cricket is simple. Let’s wait and see what solution can be reached between the two parties. For now, the fans will be happy that they will be able to see the player in the T10 league, post the LPL.

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